Take Heart in Your Home Office

Gone are the days when the home office was a repository for a clunky desktop computer and an unsightly stack of files. Today’s home office is both a workplace and a space for quiet time, reading and reflection. How can you put your home office to best use? KBC provides answers.

Three questions to ask when designing or refreshing your home office

  1. First and foremost, ask “Who is going to use this space?” Determine if it’s being used by one individual or by the entire family as a multi-functional room.
  2. Next, ask “What’s it going to be used for?” Some of us want a basic workspace with a simple credenza and desk, while others want a home office that doubles as a den or library.
  3. Finally, ask yourself “How detailed do I want to get?” Decide if you’re interested in a no-frills study or one replete with intricate details such as custom casework and built-in storage that can conceal items small and large — from notepads to shredders.

Once you ask who, what and how, you can drill down further into specifics like “Will I be meeting with clients in my home office?” Ultimately, you want to take on any home office design project with a clear sense of end goals. 

Strike a balance between visual appeal and functionality
We all want a home office that is pleasing to the eye and encourages productivity. To achieve both, we recommend following some of the basic tenets of Feng Shui. First, situate your desk or main workspace so that it faces the door. You want to be able to immediately see and greet anyone who enters.

Equally important is choosing an anchor for the space. Your anchor doesn’t have to be the desk or a cabinet. It can be a work of art on your walls, a sculpture or a family photo. You want your anchor to act as the center, the focal point of your home office. Sketch the layout of your home office with your anchor in mind, knowing that it will serve as the backdrop for the entire space. 

A home office infused with style
As with any room, you want to be sure that the style of your home office is consistent with the rest of your home, that a natural flow exits from one room to the next. Add visual texture and infuse personality with stand-out items, such as an antique table in the seating area.

Another way to ensure that style reigns supreme is through smart storage. It’s easy to let a home office become a space that spills over with papers, folders and other supplies. How can you avoid unsightly desk items? Customization. At KBC, we create custom cabinetry specific to your home office. Our goal is for you to maximize the amount of storage in your home office while minimizing clutter. From containers that hold paper clips to cabinets that disguise printers and entertainment systems, we customize home offices so that all elements — interior and exterior — are refined, visually pleasing and inspire you to work at your best. 

At KBC, we are dedicated to re-imagining the space you call home. If you’re considering designing or refreshing your home office, contact us. We’d love to discuss how we can bring our expertise to work for you and your whole home. Reach us at kbcpittsburgh.com, and get social with us on Facebook @KitchenBathConcepts of Pittsburgh and on Instagram @kbcpittsburgh.