Wine, Whiskey and the Wet Bar: Three Design Strategies for Your In-Home Saloon

The holidays have wrapped and now the crowning moment of Football Season will soon be upon us. What better way to celebrate than in the comfort of your own home, surrounded by family and friends? At KBC, we enjoy a good Super Bowl party as much as you do. That’s why we’ve devoted this journal entry to making the most of your home’s favorite spot for socializing: the in-home bar. Follow our easy design tips and let the game begin!

Pack a Design Punch through Personalization

Today’s in-home bars are the ideal setting for letting playfulness take the reins. Over the last 10-15 years, homeowners have gotten creative with the idea of bringing the bar into the home. And because bars are synonymous with having fun and kicking back, the in-home bar’s design reflects a sense of freedom.

Incorporating bold, onyx shelves with interior lighting would be overpowering in a kitchen. But in an in-home bar, they’re the perfect touch. If you’re a fan of industrial cityscapes, you can incorporate a skyline into your bar’s backdrop. Tend to lean toward the traditional? An Old World, English-style pub is where you’ll want to down a pint while relaxing at home. 

Situate Your Shelves for Serving

When you’re planning your Super Bowl party, there’s one golden design rule to keep in mind: make everything readily accessible. Where to begin? Your bar’s shelves. All items on your shelves – from your martini shaker to your stemware – should be easy to spot, grab, and use.​

The in-home bar gives all of us the chance to try our hand at the art of bartending. That’s why it’s key to make sure that all items are facing your guests [and your bar’s seating]. Whether you’re flying solo behind the bar or your guests have the freedom to make and pour their own drinks, be sure that your bar’s shelves are situated for convenience and easy imbibing! 

Set the Mood through Lighting

With any room in the home, lighting makes or breaks a space. The same is true for your in-home bar. When selecting the lighting for your bar, consider the location, color palette and overarching design.

Typically, in-home bars are in the basement and don’t receive much sunlight. Incorporate lighting that looks appealing in the evening, as you’ll often be entertaining after hours. If your bar’s color palette is soft, choose lighting with warm temperatures to maximize color. And finally, utilize lighting to spotlight your bar’s distinct features. If you’ve incorporated a stone backsplash or hung unique art, ensure that your lighting gives it maximum impact. 

With these simple design strategies in mind, you’re ready to host your next Super Bowl party. We’ll be raising a glass of our favorite drink (Magic Hat #9) to you and yours!

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