Staying On Trend

Interior design industry insider Andrea Bernstein Rodarte has a wealth of experience covering the trends that shape interior design. We tapped her insights for which trends have shown staying power. 

Staying On Trend 
–  By Andrea Bernstein Rodarte

Trends are fashionable, until they aren't. They either fade or they become staples. I once reported on the popularity of "cocooning." People wanted to feel "safe." The desire was to retreat to their sanctuary at the end of a workday. In addition, the recession meant less disposable income, and a shift to stay at home and entertain. Designers were enlisted to create spaces that would accommodate gatherings, with cooking as part of the entertaining experience. 

Over the last few years, I've spotted several trends that have maintained a lasting staying power. Below is a brief snapshot: 

Color: Because open floor plans are the norm rather than the exception, color palettes that are neutral are best for spaces that flow into one another.  We're seeing longevity in the soft grays. Bathrooms benefit from beautiful spa-like shades of aqua, blue, and green.

Great Rooms: These spacious rooms typically include kitchen island seating, a casual dining table (ideal for game night), and the family room with built-in cabinetry that coordinates with the kitchen, creating a cohesive and inviting living area.

Restoration: Many homebuyers value the history of an older home. They peel back carpets to reveal original hardwoods. "Save and restore" rather than "tear down and build" is becoming more popular. 

Smart Spaces: Think workspace vs. home office. The closed off home office is being replaced with a "workspace" that can serve more than one user with space for a desktop computer, laptop(s), iPads, homework, art projects, and crafting. 

Spa Bathrooms: Consumers are opting for super-size luxurious showers with a separate soaking tub, or no tub at all. Chandeliers, gas fireplaces, and high tech toilets are wish list items.

Ultimately, your goal is to choose a look because it appeals to you, not because it is the latest trend. As trends come and go, make a lasting commitment to work with your designer and achieve the space that makes you happy.