Trendsetters in Today’s Home: Simple Strategies for Staying Contemporary and Classy

At KBC, we believe that the best way to meet and exceed our clients’ needs is to keep our conversations going. To listen to what they have to say. And to respond thoughtfully.

Often, in the course of our day-day conversations with clients, we hear them express a desire to stay “on trend.” They’ll share clippings from a article of a kitchen remodel or describe a custom-made couch they saw in a magazine. And while we keep our fingers on the pulse of the latest trends in the design world, we ultimately apply those trends with care, consideration, and a long-term strategy. If you’re looking for insights that will keep you out of the “here today, gone tomorrow” fad zone — and keep your home timeless, tasteful and on- trend — read on.

Complicated and Cluttered Are Out, Clean and Classy Are In

Over the last several years, all of us at KBC have witnessed an evolution, a return to traditional, classic design. Gone are the days of “wow, look at that elaborate object.” We’re now in an era of softness. Today’s homeowner is eschewing fussy, large, and ornate, and instead is embracing sophistication and simplicity. Colors have become muted. Gray often plays a major role, with a powerful accent offering just the right punch of color. Wood grains also provide a basis for classic, clean lines.

A Touch of Texture

How else are homes maintaining a look of enduring elegance? By adding texture. Layering and mixing has become a signature design element, one that keeps a home looking chic. Hardware finishes, when done well, bring beauty to a home. Mixing metals and adding a textured wallpaper to a great room, or a backsplash to a kitchen, invite sophistication, depth and warmth to any space.