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Today’s Trends: Driven and Powered by Technology

Over the last few years, technology has fully come into its own in the home. From smart home systems to motorized accessories, you can now simply press a button and watch as a cabinet door... more

Take Heart in Your Home Office

Gone are the days when the home office was a repository for a clunky desktop computer and an unsightly stack of files. Today’s home office is both a workplace and a space for quiet time, reading... more

Wine, Whiskey and the Wet Bar: Three Design Strategies for Your In-Home Saloon

The holidays have wrapped and now the crowning moment of Football Season will soon be upon us. What better way to celebrate than in the comfort of your own home, surrounded by family and friends?... more

Staying On Trend

Interior design industry insider Andrea Bernstein Rodarte has a wealth of experience covering the trends that shape interior design. We tapped her insights for which trends have shown staying... more

Trendsetters in Today’s Home: Simple Strategies for Staying Contemporary and Classy

At KBC, we believe that the best way to meet and exceed our clients’ needs is to keep our conversations going. To listen to what they have to say. And to respond thoughtfully.

Often, in the... more

The Kitchen Sets the Stage

Ask any of us at KBC to name the most heavily-trafficked, lived in, and utilized room in the home and we’ll all have the same answer: the kitchen. Over the last three decades, we’ve seen the... more