Why KBC?

One-of-a-Kind Living Spaces 

Every living space we design is individualized; not one looks like any other. That is because our design process begins with you. We listen carefully as you express your needs and wishes, then design and construct a space that is uniquely suited to you and your family. Our philosophy and creativity has been rewarded with national design awards in every decade since our founding in 1973.   



A client said it best: "They are sticklers for the tiniest detail." The thousands of living spaces KBC has created all look different, but have one thing in common: the highest quality of materials and workmanship. Expect a collaborative process in which our designers and artisans do their very best work to shape your new space. 


The Owners' Watchful Eye 

When you choose KBC, you get KBC's owners. Every project receives the personal attention of the Trzcinski family. While we have the utmost confidence in the entire KBC team , we've found that the active involvement of the founding family enables unparalleled quality and service. 


Lasting Investment  

A perfectly designed new living space increases a home's value and marketability; generally, our clients invest 20-25 percent of the value of their home in a kitchen project. Many people choose KBC again and again -- first for a kitchen, then a suite, then perhaps a wine cellar or a second home. 


Our Unique Signature Service 

Eighteen hours or less: that is how long it will take KBC to develop a solution for any jobsite issue that may occasionally arise. Because we have a master carpenter on staff, we can usually repair or replace faulty items at our in-house workshop rather than suspending work as we await a manufacturer's shipment. The result: a project that proceeds on time and on budget.