The KBC Story

An Artisan's Influence 

Any account of our family firm has to begin with patriarch Stanley Trzcinski, a union finish carpenter who also ran a cabinet shop of his own in the small town of Beaver Falls, Pa. His skill and perfectionism set the standard for all that KBC would become.


A Father Teaches His Son 

Back in the 1960s, Stanley Trzcinski used to let his son, Tom, tag along on carpentry jobs. Tom graduated from Penn State, but that early hammer-and-nail training stuck with him: in 1973, he started Custom Craft Cabinetry, the forerunner of KBC, in his parents' garage in Beaver Falls, Pa.  


A Family Business Begins 

It was a big year, 1973: college graduation, business launch and marriage. Together, Tom and his bride, Karen, labored on the fledgling company, building a reputation for innovative kitchen design and top-quality, custom-made cabinets and countertops. 


A Team Gathers  

Six months into business, the Trzcinskis saw they would need a team. First to join was Chet Zombeck; he's been on board ever since, the first of the small, expert, tight-knit team that makes the company hum today.      


The Company Expands  

Clients liked the Trzcinskis' personalized approach. Several times, the  company outgrew its quarters, moving to different storefronts in Beaver Falls, then to Perry Highway in Pittsburgh's North Hills. By 1986, a new name was in order: Kitchen & Bath Concepts. 


2000-2001: Tom Receives design award from Jim Bakke of Subzero/Wolf

Accolades Accumulate

From the start, the Trzcinski team's fresh approach to design attracted attention from  peers nationwide. KBC is a frequent winner of NKBA awards -- the industry's "Oscars" -- and has achieved national recognition in every decade of its existence: the seventies, eighties, nineties, aughts and teens.  


KBC Builds a Design Resource  

KBC now offers one of Pittsburgh area's largest showroom, encompassing not only kitchens and baths but wet bars, office space, entertainment centers and more. Clients begin to envision their new living spaces by visiting KBC for a first-hand look at some of the gorgeous possibilities. 


The Next Generation Takes the Reins

Today, Tom and Karen's children -- Jamie and Tommy -- run the company, and they display the same attention to detail, the same dedication to clients and the same commitment to design excellence that has characterized KBC from its founding. Another generation of Trzcinskis is on the way.